Seven New Words for 'Ass'.

And now for a short educational break- our feature for today is a sweet little track from the Insane-o-Flex featuring Dana Swanson and Nick Ingkatanuwat with "I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay)".

The title says it all- and pretty much all the words you need to sing along to this track that was first featured on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters OST. See if you can broaden your vocabulary with seven new words for 'ass' or 'booty' from this little number.

Just check out the video!

Featuring characters we all love from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force universe gettin' their groove on! Including the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past, -hang on- is that Larry Blackmon from Cameo? And is that Schoolly D? Well, we also have The Mooninites- Ignignokt and Er and the Plutonians Oglethorpe and Emory.

To be honest, the song was just going on and on in my head, and I just needed to find a way to get it out of my system.

Unfortunately, I'll probably be singing this song all week. Just not out loud, I hope.

Cheers, everyone!



Just A Regular Dude Watching TV

I might be a media guy, but my field is really more into radio and marketing more than anything else. For the most part, it means that what I know about television is pretty much stuff just about anyone can know- so don't expect me to go technical or anything.

I'm just a regular dude who just happens to appreciate me some good TV.

TV has so much to offer- a show I like might not exactly appeal to your tastes and vice versa. And that's the beauty of it all- with just so much TV going on, there's definitely something for everyone out there. We even have our own guilty pleasures- and that's just all good.

Feel free to share your thoughts on whatever TV show you like (or don't like). As long as you're all mature about it, with a genuine desire to inform, educate, or just someone with an honest opinion- come, sit and let's talk about TV.

Cheers, everyone.

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