Ay Carumba! Bart Simpson gives $10M to Scientology!

In a news article brought to our attention by the good folks of The Internet Movie Database or IMDb.com, actress Nancy Cartwright, the talent behind The Simpsons' Bart Simpson (and other characters in the show), has donated US$10 million to Scientology.

For Cartwright's donation to the cause, she has been awarded Scientology's Patron Laureate Award in 2007. Not only has she joined a list of celebrity benefactors which have donated greatly to The Church of Scientology, she's right there at the top, according to IMDb.com:

She gave even more than Tom Cruise - who is reported to be the controversial religion's second-in-command - who has donated $5 million in the last four years. According to Impact magazine, Kirstie Alley gave $5 million last year and has picked up the Diamond Meritorious Award. Fellow followers John Travolta and Kelly Preston gave $1 million each and were awarded the Gold Meritorious Award, while Priscilla Presley was handed the Patron Award for a donation of $50,000.

Cartwright's donation was said to be the equivalent of almost twice her annual salary from The Simpsons. The awards were given out at a very exclusive, very private ceremony in Florida in the summer of 2007, also according to Impact Magazine.



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