Song List from American Idol Season 7 - Top 10 Chicks

Welcome to my continuing coverage of the songs featured on American Idol Season 7. No blow-by-blow reportage, no thoughts about the show (at least not at this point), just the songs performed by our Top 20 contestants.

We're doing the 70's this week, and we just covered the dudes' songs earlier on. Now we have the songlist for the chicks' performances.

List of Songs Sung By The Contestants
The Chicks of the Top 20 Sing the 70's!
American Idol Season 7

Carly Smithson - Heart "Crazy On You"
Syesha Mercado - Billy Paul "Me and Mrs. Jones"
Brooke White - Carly Simon "You're So Vain"
Ramiele Malubay - Thelma Houston "Don't Leave Me This Way"
Kristy Lee Cook - Linda Ronstadt "You're No Good"

Amanda Overmyer - Kansas "Carry On Wayward Son"
Alaina Whitaker - Olivia Newton-John "Hopelessly Devoted To You"
Alexandrea Lushington - Chicago "If You Leave Me Now"
Kady Malloy - Heart "Magic Man"
Asia'h Epperson - Eric Carmen "All By Myself"

Don't forget to watch the results show- we see ours in the Philippines on Star World. Go right ahead and check out the official FOX website here, for exclusive vids, photos, blogs and a chance to interact with fellow AI fans!

4 more episodes 'til we get our Top 12- come back next week for the list of songs performed then!

Cheers, everyone!

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Song List from American Idol Season 7 - Top 10 Dudes

This is my continuing coverage on the featured music on American Idol season 7. Just to make it clear, I'm not doing a blow-by-blow or an episode guide: that's the reason why we all watch it live :). However, I aim to do a public service by helping out fellow fans with the song titles and artists featured, as performed by our contestants.

That being said, we're now down to our Top 20. Our theme for this week: the 70's. And here are the songs from our remaining 10 dudes, on American Idol episode aired 26 February 2008.

List of Songs Sung By The Contestants
The Dudes of the Top 20 Sing the 70's!
American Idol Season 7

Michael Johns - Fleetwood Mac "Go Your Own Way"
Jason Castro - Andy Gibb "I Just Want To Be Your Everything"
Luke Menard - Queen "Killer Queen"
Robbie Carrico - Foreigner "Hot Blooded"
Danny Noriega - The Carpenters "Superstar"

David Hernandez - The Temptations "Papa Was a Rolling Stone"
Jason Yeager - The Doobie Brothers "Long Train Runnin'"
Chikezie Eze - Donny Hathaway "I Believe To My Soul"
David Cook - Free "All Right Now"
David Archuleta - John Lennon "Imagine"

The chicks' song choices coming up next. More American Idol Music comin' your way as Season 7 continues. Go right ahead and check out the official FOX website here, for exclusive vids, photos, blogs and a chance to interact with fellow AI fans! Here's looking forward to some interesting performances next week.

Cheers, everyone!

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Song List from American Idol Season 7 - Top 12 Chicks

This is my continuing coverage of the music featured on American Idol Season 7. This week, we see our Top 24 in action belting out some jams from the '60's.

We already featured the dudes' song choices earlier on, so now we cover the chicks' musical performances.

So here's the playlist from American Idol Season 7, episode aired 20 February 2008!

List of Songs Sung By The Contestants
The Chicks of the Top 24 Sing!
American Idol Season 7

Kristy Lee Cook - Fontella Bass "Rescue Me"
Joanne Borgella - Burt Bacharach "Say A Little Prayer For You"
Alaina Whittaker - Spiral Starecase "More Today Than Yesterday"

Amanda Overmyer - Van Morrison "Baby Please Don't Go"
Amy Davis - Connie Francis "Where The Boys Are"
Brooke White - The Turtles "Happy Together"

Alexandrea Lushington - Blood, Sweat & Tears "Spinning Wheel"
Kady Malloy - The Mindbenders "A Groovy Kind Of Love"
Asia'h Epperson - Janis Joplin "Piece Of My Heart"

Ramiele Malubay - Dusty Springfield "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"
Syesha Mercado - The Nashville Teens "Tobacco Road"
Carly Smithson - Tony Bennett "The Shadow of Your Smile"

More American Idol Music comin' your way as Season 7 continues. Go right ahead and check out the official FOX website here, for exclusive vids, photos, blogs and a chance to interact with fellow AI fans! Here's looking forward to some interesting performances next week.

Cheers, everyone!

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Song List from American Idol Season 7 - Top 12 Dudes

Hello everyone.

I decided to provide you all a list of all the songs sung on the Tuesday & Wednesday shows (Wednesday and Thursday in the Philippines). To be honest I don't have a favorite just yet. And even if I did, it would usually be a chick :).

So, here's the tune-age from the episode of American Idol Season 7 that aired last 19 February 2008. The week's theme: the sixties!

List of Songs Sung By The Contestants:
The Dudes of the Top 24 Sing!
American Idol Season 7

David Hernandez - Wilson Pickett "In the Midnight Hour"
Chikezie Ezie - Spiral Staircase "More Today Than Yesterday"
David Cook - The Turtles "Happy Together"

Jason Yeager - Andy Williams "Moon River"
Robbie Carrico - Three Dog Night "One"
David Archuleta - The Miracles "Shop Around"

Danny Noriega - Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock"
Luke Menard - Nilsson "Everybody's Talkin'"
Colton Berry - Elvis Presley - "Suspicious Minds"

Garrett Haley - Neil Sedaka - "Breakin' up is Hard to Do"
Jason Castro - Lovin' Spoonful - "Daydream"
Michael Johns - The Doors - "Light My Fire"

More American Idol Music comin' your way as Season 7 continues. The chicks' 60's songs coming up. Go right ahead and check out the official FOX website here, for exclusive vids, photos, blogs and a chance to interact with fellow AI fans!

Cheers, everyone!

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Favorite TV Chicks: Heidi Klum

Popular media has, for the most part, managed to portray supermodels as anorexic drama queens and dim-witted divas, and for some reason we've lapped that up that image completely.

While it is true that there might be those in the fashion industry that might be a little in the way of attention-hungry, unreasonable or just in need of a good cheeseburger, such isn't the case at all for my girl, Heidi Klum.

In fact, she's the ultimate supermodel if you ask me: she's beautiful, and has a body that's still as marketable as ever. But more importantly, Heidi's been able to make good use of her popularity and success to pursue other interests both inside and out of her immediate comfort zone.

Plus, she's sharp, has a fun personality, and an all-around media darling. Seriously, can you really say anything bad about Heidi Klum?

Heidi Klum, Supermodel.

In 1991, an eighteen-year-old Heidi Klum entered a modeling contest after some prodding by her friend. She did win the contest, voted the winner out of 25,000 other hopefuls, and bagging a contract worth about US$300,000.

Since then, Heidi's been on the cover of just about every fashion magazine- but it was her work for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and for Victoria Secret that catapulted her into fame.

Heidi's also been a spokesmodel for several well-known brands, like Liz Claiborne, H&M, Braun, Volkswagen, Jordache and McDonalds, and even made appearances in TV shows and movies- "Sex and the City", "How I Met Your Mother", The Devil Wears Prada, Ella Enchanted and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.

Project Runway

In December 2004, Heidi Klum signed up as host, judge and executive producer of the reality show "Project Runway". The show came out on the Bravo cable TV channel. That's her with the Season 1 contestants in the picture to the left.

In "Project Runway", fashion designers compete for the chance to show their work at New York Fashion Week and receive money to launch their own fashion line, among other prizes.

Heidi has received an Emmy nomination for the show for each of the first three seasons. In 2008, Project Runway and Heidi Klum received a Peabody Award, the first time a reality show had won the award, according to Heidi's entry on Wikipedia.

Heidi Klum Now

As we know, Heidi's happily married to musician Seal, with two boys Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu Samuel (who's turning 3 in September) and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel (who's having his second birthday on November). Heidi also has Helene "Leni" Klum, who's turning 4 this May.

Heidi's still rather active in the fashion industry, designing her own clothing lines (and her own line of jewelry, even) as well as designing for others (Birkenstock, Mouawad, Victoria Secret). She also produced two fragrances, "Heidi Klum" and "Me".

Besides "Project Runway", she's also working on "Germany's Next Top Model", and is trying out her hand at voicing for video games, sculpture and paintings, even dabbling into pop music.

For more of Heidi, you can check out her official website, You can also read more about her on her IMDb profile here, or her Wikipedia entry here.

As long as TV keeps coming up with delicious eye-candy, this blog's feature on "Favorite TV Chicks" will be on hand to get to know more about our fine female performers who make our TV shows a little bit more interesting. Only on "Too Much TV: Renzie on TV!"

Cheers, everyone!

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Get Your Gossip Girl On!

Alright, ever since Gossip Girl hit local screens, people have been asking me about it- so here it is.

Gossip Girl is pretty much this season's biggest guilty pleasure. Think of it as The O.C. for 2008- well, more like 2007 to be exact. The CW came out with the show in mid-September of 2007. As of this writing, we're halfway into the first season, which means you have 13 episodes to catch up on to bring yourself up to speed.

I know it's not a huge huge show, but I've read somewhere that despite the show facing massive competish, Gossip Girl is one of the most downloaded or recorded shows (if not the most) of the season- which means people will probably watch their Bionic Woman or Private Practice or America's Next Top Model (when it was shown on Wednesdays), but people will find some way to get their Gossip Girl fix (via TiVo, or downloaded, or whatever).

The truth is, Gossip Girl was one of the most anticipated new shows of the season. If you didn't already know, the soap is based on the popular novel series (of the same name) written by Cecily von Ziegesar. From Wikipedia:

Gossip Girl revolves around the lives of socialite young adults growing up on New York's Upper East Side who attend elite academic institutions while dealing with sex, drugs, and other teenage issues. Featuring an ensemble cast, the series begins by introducing Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and best friend Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), as well as Blair's boyfriend Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford). Other characters in the show include Dan (Penn Badgley) and Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen), who become involved in the lives of the main characters despite being less inclined to merge with the upper-east-side crowd. The series is narrated by a seemingly omniscient character, "Gossip Girl" (voiced by Kristen Bell), who runs a blog about her fellow Upper East Siders — consequently stirring the plot and creating potential rivalries in this exclusive and vicious circle of friends.

I can still remember watching the Pilot episode just before Christmas; at the time I was raving about the new shows Chuck and Reaper, and I had this friend who was raving about this one. She checked out Chuck, and I checked out Gossip Girl. Her selling point? "You know, the narrator on that show is Kirsten Bell..." Ding! I'vebeen hooked ever since.

Crazy fan-boy...

No, seriously, the story is alright. Josh Schwartz of The O.C. executive produces the show (together with Stephanie Savage), and also incidentally, executive produces Chuck- which was probably why my friend and I liked both shows.

Another reason why both shows feel so right? I have to say it's the music. The soundtrack, man! For that, we credit Alexandra Patsavas- noted musical director who also worked on kickass soundtracks on The O.C., Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, Chuck and this show- Gossip Girl. From an interview about the music she picks for the show, Alexandra says:

"I'm relying on old favorites while exploring current pop music. And since the show revolves primarily around high school students in New York, we'll definitely be using some New York-based bands. But these kids listen to the radio, too."

So go check it out while the new episodes aren't out yet: Gossip Girl- Mondays 8/7 Central on The CW. Check out the official website here.

Cheers, everyone!

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How Are Our Shows Doing?

Finally, Jericho fans will be getting what they paid for in truckloads of nuts! A new episode comes out on Feb 12. So if you feel like doing some homework just before the new season premiere, you still have time to do some surfing or even watching the last few episodes all over again- which is what I'll probably be doing.

While we do have some shows to tide us over for now- The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Project Runway, The Apprentice and Lost, I'd sure like to get some resolution done for the whole lot of shows left midway through their respective seasons.

So here I am, still keeping tabs on the shows I usually watch. There are actually a lot of people asking me if a certain show has new episodes out, or if I know when a new show is coming back- so I thought I'd do everyone a service by posting a quick update on some of our favorite shows right here.

  • 30 Rock last aired Episode 10 of Season 2 last Jan 10. It's been weeks since we got anything new.
  • Bionic Woman aired Episode 8 "Do Not Disturb" last Nov 28- still no news on when we're getting more Jamie Sommers.
  • Battlestar Galactica comes back with a fresh new season on April 4. Time to watch the earlier 1970s series?
  • Chuck has already come back from Christmas break, airing two new episodes on January 24, but hasn't come up with new ones since then. We have 13 Chuck episodes so far.
  • Gossip Girl came back on January 2, but hasn't aired another episode since January 9. We're also at 13 episodes for Gossip Girl for now.
  • Grey's Anatomy came back with "Lay Your Hands On Me" last January 10- but that was it. Nothing new from the guys since then.
  • No word from Heroes yet. Their last episode was last Dec 3, "Powerless".
  • Nothing new from the guys of "How I Met Your Mother" since the last December 10 show, "The Platinum Rule".
  • Earl and the gang of My Name Is Earl came back last January 10 with "Bad Earl"; we have yet to hear from them after that.
  • We have word from the boys of Reaper- they'll be out with a brand new episode on March 6.
  • Scrubs last went on with "My #1 Doctor" last December 6. No word yet when the guys will be out with a new episode.
  • Smallville already came back with 3 new episodes since the break: "Persona" last Jan 31, "Siren" last Feb 7 and "Fracture" out this week.
  • So far so good for Supernatural- they've come back from the holiday hiatus, with last week's "Dream a Little Dream of Me", and "Mystery Spot" out this week for Valentines' Day.
  • I miss the guys from The Office- the last episode we saw from them was last November's "The Deposition".
Man, I really hope these producers and studios work it out with the writers soon. There's just so much show to be shown- and they're not showing us show-lovers anything. Everybody needs to get back to work, you know?

In the meantime, I got me some DVDs to tide me over. But they can only get me so far, right? We all need our shows back!

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Seven New Words for 'Ass'.

And now for a short educational break- our feature for today is a sweet little track from the Insane-o-Flex featuring Dana Swanson and Nick Ingkatanuwat with "I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay)".

The title says it all- and pretty much all the words you need to sing along to this track that was first featured on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters OST. See if you can broaden your vocabulary with seven new words for 'ass' or 'booty' from this little number.

Just check out the video!

Featuring characters we all love from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force universe gettin' their groove on! Including the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past, -hang on- is that Larry Blackmon from Cameo? And is that Schoolly D? Well, we also have The Mooninites- Ignignokt and Er and the Plutonians Oglethorpe and Emory.

To be honest, the song was just going on and on in my head, and I just needed to find a way to get it out of my system.

Unfortunately, I'll probably be singing this song all week. Just not out loud, I hope.

Cheers, everyone!

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10 Reasons To Watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force!

Now do I really need to give you reasons to watch one of the greatest shows ever to come out on Adult Swim?

Well, probably I do. After all, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or ATHF, for convenience's sake) has a particular kind of humor that might not be for everybody. I have to admit- its sarcastic, absurdist, twisted sense of humor might not be for everybody. But ATHF is very well something that never fails to make me laugh every time I watch it.

The show is now on its sixth season (woohoo!)- which means some 10 new episodes coming out, according to Wikipedia.

So here we are, the Top 10 Reasons to Watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force!

1. Dr. Weird. "Gentlemen- behold!" I've always loved the cold opens from the first few seasons. They feature our favorite mad scientist presenting his latest creation to his lone lab assistant, Steve ("Hey, um, Dr. Weird- I thought that grant was to cure diseases or something like that...") which initially provided the focus for the stories, and eventually just became hilarious non-sequiturs by the middle of Season 1.

My personal favorite: "My ass has decided to eat me! It hungers...for more!" You have to see it to believe it.

By the third season, we instead see Emory and Oglethorpe (see below) as the characters for the show's cold opens. While they're both funny as hell as well, I sure miss Dr. Weird...

Dr. Weird is voiced by C. Martin Croker- the same dude who voices Zorak in the Space Ghost Coast to Coast and The Brak Show series. Incidentally, Croker also voices Steve.

2. The Theme Song! "Coz we are tha Aqua Teen! Make tha homies say 'Ho!' and the girlies wanna scream!" Rumor has it that Schooly D composed this opening rap in the limo as he was on his way to the recording studio. It's a fun TV theme- the kind that gets you all pumped up before an episode, you know? And there are two versions out, in case you didn't know- the standard opening theme cut, and another slightly longer cut which you can check out here, with other earlier [Adult Swim] songs.

3. Carl! He's uncouth, he's totally unsexy, he's Carl Brutananadilewski. Or just plain ol' Carl. He's the Aqua Teen Hunger Force's next-door neighbor (who doesn't like them very much, btw), with a penchant for classic rock, pornography, prostitutes and hot wings.

From an entry in Wikipedia, we have this:

He is visited by misfortune in almost every episode, and is occasionally seen completely dead. He is usually seen suffering horribly; i.e. having bug eggs hatching in his stomach, having his skin ripped off, having his fingers chopped off, shooting himself in the foot and bleeding for hours in his living room next to an apathetic Master Shake, being raped by the artificial dog
Handbanana or being shot in the shoulder with a flaming arrow by Ted Nugent.

It is shown that he and his father used to work in what is said to be insulation making when he was only 8, shown to be having a rather dilapidated house on Christmas, where he gets a piece of carpet that is to be boiled and eaten, thus explaining his eating of carpets on occasion. He dropped out of high school in his senior year, 1982, because, according to their XM radio show, the school refused to play "I Want to Rock and Roll All Night" at his senior prom, but he was failing anyway.

Just the kind of guy you'd want to hang out with, right? That's Carl for you! Voiced wonderfully by ATHF co-creator Dave Willis.

4. Master Shake. Wikipedia describes him as a...

...lazy, stingy, simple-minded, mean-spirited, illiterate, sadistic, and self-centered milkshake in the form of a white cup with a pink straw and two yellow kitchen gloves.

It's mostly true. He's also the self-proclaimed leader of the ATHF; Frylock's probably just cool about this and Meatwad is just too oblivious for his own good.

Master Shake seems to get a perverse sort of pleasure out of tormenting Meatwad, but most of the time he can be found swimming in Carl's pool or just watching TV.

According to Wikipedia about his abilities:

His special power is that he is able to shoot pistachio milkshake onto the ground, suck liquids (up to 85 gallons) using his straw, and is very proficient with firearms and bows. Also, almost everything he throws to the ground after picking up (with the principal exception of tennis rackets) tends to explode, although none of the team seem to notice most of the time.

Master Shake is voiced by Dana Snyder.

5. Frylock. Definitely the brains of the group, quite possibly the team's voice of reason, and probably the only one with "real" superpowers. Described in Wikipedia as...

...A floating red box of French fries sporting a "van dyke" beard, dental braces, and a blue mystic jewel embedded in his back.

He uses his fries to grip things and occasionally as a fry radar or 'Frydar.' He is also able to shoot all of his fries at a target simultaneously (referred to once as "The Defense of Idahocules" in commentary).

Frylock is scientifically-minded and conducts experiments in his room, which contains his library, supercomputer (which Shake purchased, but avoided actually paying for), cloner, and various other lab equipment. He is the most intellectual of the ATHF characters, and also attempts to provide the others with some sense of morality.

His jewel gives him various powers, such as the ability to fly (or mostly hover around), and shoot lasers, fireballs, lightning, and even fire-extinguisher foam from his eyes.

Voiced by Carey Means- the same guy who voiced all the parts of Thundercleese on The Brak Show.

6. Meatwad. Our lovable morphing ball of grease and meat- though we're not completely sure what kind of meat it is exactly, what we DO know is that it isn't fit for human consumption.

Even more simple-minded than Master Shake, child-like (with a plastic chew-toy for a brain), and as such, is often the subject of Shake's cruel practical jokes and exploitative behavior.

His main power is shapeshifting; which in the past he has used to morph into a hotdog, a meat igloo (well, those two mostly), also a meat-bridge, a Wayne Gretzky meat sculpture (that looks more like a samurai Lincoln), and other various meat objects.

As he doesn't have much in the way of friends, Meatwad actually managed to put together a number of inanimate companions (crude dolls, made of the simplest household objects) to play with from time to time:

...such as Dewey the paper towel roll, Vanessa the apple, Jeffy the garden hose, and Boxy Brown, a cardboard box decorated with the face of a generic blaxploitation protagonist.

Meatwad is also voiced by co-creator Dave Willis (who also does all the Carl parts, see above).

7. The Mooninites. Ignignokt and Er are our recurring two-dimensional characters; Ignignokt is laid-back but arrogant and smug, while Er is more belligerent, and known for his trash-talking.

The Mooninites generally look the same, resembling blocky, old school Atari-style graphics: Ignignokt is larger and green, while Er is smaller and pink.

The Mooninites are voiced by ATHF creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro- Dave voicing the Ignignokt parts and Matt doing the Er parts.

8. Emory and Oglethorpe. Two crudely drawn spiked aliens from the planet Pluto, whom we see by the start of Season 3, replacing the Dr. Wierd series of cold opens.

Oglethorpe the fat, orange one, while Emory is the tall, green Plutonian. Oglethorpe seems to be Austrian/German based on his accent, claims to be a genius, but is probably just as simple-minded as Master Shake or Meatwad.

Emory, on the other hand, might actually have more sense than his Plutonian companion, but is more soft-spoken, and therefore tends to just go with the flow.

Oglethorpe and Emory are usually seen bickering with Ignignokt and Er- which makes for some very funny interaction. Oglethorpe is voiced by Andy Merrill- the same guy behind the Brak character, while Emory is voiced by Mike Schatz- who voices Torpedo Vegas on Frisky Dingo.

9. MC Pee Pants. MC Pee Pants is our mentally insane, eight-foot spider who wears a shower cap and a diaper. He usually has some twisted scheme for world domination, and uses rap to sugar-coat his criminal master-plans. From Wikipedia:

He is frequently killed, after which he is reincarnated by Satan in a new form with another convoluted scheme. Thus far he's been a cow (Sir Loin), an old man and briefly a vampire (Little Brittle), an earthworm, and, finally, a fly in the ATHF movie.

Voiced by MC Chris- who also had some parts on Sealab 2021.

10. The Box Set DVD is out! Because you just have to watch 'em all over again just before plopping yourself down to enjoy the newest Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD Box Set out in the market!

Sure, you got volumes one to four- but do you already have ATHF volume 5? It's got 2 disks from the latest ATHF season- including favorites such as "Dickesode", "Hand Banana", "Ezekiel", "Car Wash" and the Star Studded Xmas Spectacular!

With loads of extra features and hours and hours of Aqua Teen Hunger Force goodness (assuming you watch it over and over again- which you probably will).

You can watch the promo vid on YouTube right here. Of course, if you can't wait, I've included the vid right here for your Aqua Teen-lovin' convenience.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force volume 5 DVD Box Set. Out in stores January 29th

Nice touch on the clip- just like a confused Sesame Street bit, with Carl as a voiceover for the end tag. The man says it all: "Go wait in line!"

Cheers everyone!

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TV Theme Trippin'

Another day at the office, another day of sifting through music. It's alright really, but I'm the kind of guy who wants variety in listening fare, you know?

Fortunately for me, I got my Creative with me and my big-ass headphones. I felt like TV themes today, so I cranked up the volume and tripped out while doing my scripts and notes and this blog entry here.

Sucking up sounds from...

  • America's Top Model - "Wanna Be On Top?" Darkchild featuring Tyra on vocals.
  • Alias - J.J. Abrams does theme songs too! Got the short mix and a longer 2-minute mix.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force - from Schooly D! Make the homies say 'Ho!' and the girlies wanna scream! Also got MC PeePants "I Want Candy" and other Aqua Teen gems.
  • Bubblegrum Crisis - "Waiting For You" has got to be one of the best end themes in anime ever.
  • Battlestar Galactica - both Bear McCreary albums, but my favorite is the "Colonial Anthem" which is an updated yet still majestic-sounding version of the classic theme. Also have the Richard Gibbs "Main Title Theme"- awesome, totally awesome.
  • Chobits - "Let Me Be With You" (I have 2 mixes- the original and a cool little remix version), and pretty much the rest of the album, including "Raison d'Etre".
  • Chuck - still updating my Chuck Soundtrack listings, but we do have Cake's "Short Skirt, Long Jacket"- original cut and TV opening edit.
  • CSI - Essential listening from The Who! "Who Are You?" (from Las Vegas), "Won't Get Fooled Again" (from Miami), and my absolute personal favorite "Baba O'Riley" (from New York)
  • Densha Otoko - the Japanese hit sitcom/romance comedy- great stuff they put together, but it made me appreciate "Twilight" by the Electric Light Orchestra so much more!
  • Enterprise - Ah. "Faith of the Heart" by Diane Warren f Russell Watson. Subpar Star Trek series, but awesome theme song.
  • Grey's Anatomy - got the Psapp song "Cosy In The Rocket", and at least 3 seasons worth of Grey's OST goodness!
  • Heroes - we have the opening 15-sec theme and that song I loved from season 1 episode 1: Rogue Wave's "Your Eyes"
  • Harvey Birdman - the voice talent who does Johnny Bravo? Yeah, he sings this one.
  • House - the opening theme is an edit of Massive Attack's "Teardrop".
  • How I Met Your Mother - "Hey Beautiful" from The Solids- both original cut and TV opening edit. Also, got Robin Sparkles' "Let's Go To The Mall!"
  • Malcolm In The Middle - Geek rock from They Might Be Giants- "Boss of Me". Plus a killer 70's selection- gotta compile those as a side project.
  • Metalocalypse - there's only one way I'm listening to Metal- and that's through Dethklok! I love the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle!
  • Midori Days - what really moves me is the "Mou Soukoshi" song played at the end of every episode. Lovely. Lovely song.
  • My Name Is Earl - what I really dig was DJ EZ Rock and Rob Bass' "It Takes Two"!
  • One Tree Hill - Sure it's got Gavin deGraw and Bethany Joy Lenz/Galeotti, but earlier on I was digging on Tyler Hilton's "Missing You".
  • Project Runway - Harold "Barefoot" Sanders came up with such a kickass theme.
  • Scrubs - got Lazlo Bane's "Superman", Jan Stevens' End Theme, music from Ted's band and so much more!
  • Supernatural - the show that got me back into classic rock. Got two seasons worth of OST music- gotta love it!
  • That 70's Show - Cheap Trick, baby, yeah! Also got both albums, so that's a whole lot of 70's trippin'.
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast - play me to the desk, Zorak!
  • The Apprentice - some good ol' Philly funk from The O'Jays' "For the Love of Money". Munny, munny munny munny- Munny!
  • The Brak Show - straight out of Adult Swim! Also have the classic "Kick Your Ass" and "I Hate You Jerks" by Zorak.
  • The O.C. - got maybe 5 albums worth of soundtrack. Personal favorite though is "Dice" by Finley Quaye f Beth Orton.
  • Sealab 2021 Theme- by Calamine!
  • Smallville - Yes we have Remy Zero's "Save Me", but more importantly we have that lovely end theme from Mark Snow.
  • The Drew Carey Show - Cheap Trick's "Cleveland Rocks"!
  • The Sopranos - A1's "Woke Up This Morning" really gets me in that mindset to do some business, you know? Also got some great stuff from Madreblu and memorable lines from the series
  • Tru Calling - got "Somebody Help Me" by Full Blown Rose. Can almost see Elisha Dushku running around with those ripped abs of hers.
  • Veronica Mars - Ah. The Dandy Warhols' "We Used To Be Friends". It's actually the song I have set as my morning wake-up alarm. Gotta get me a copy of the Season 3 mix though- that version was cool too.
Wow, I wonder what other stuff I have at home... gotta check the PC later on. Such a frackin' fan-boy, huh?

Cheers everyone!

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Gettin' My Fix of Frisky!

"There's your twenty billion, Brent- drink it in!" bellows an irritated Killface at the beleaguered marketing executives before him. "The fusion chamber alone cost nine billion. The- the- the thrusters another four. You think there's just heaps of money left over for- What did you call it!?"

Remembering how Killface can get terribly violent when upset, Brent musters all the courage to answer, "Uh- Uh- "Media buy?"

"Media buy!" roars the enraged criminal mastermind- he had gunned down another marketing executive earlier today, and it was likely he would do so again. It's hard to destroy the world while you're on a tight budget.

Frisky Dingo is for me, is a work of genius. It's an animated series airing on Adult Swim from the same twisted minds behind Sealab 2021- Matt Thompson and Adam Reed. Each episode is about 15 minutes long (or 11, without the breaks).

The pilot introduces us to the megalomaniac supervillain Killface- think of a Frasier-like fellow hell-bent on world domination only bald, freakishly muscular, undead-looking with T-Rex feet. Just like every supercriminal mastermind, he has grandiose plans of sending the world down a path of destruction- but now he's being bogged down by project costs, media buy and a less-than-enthusiastic marketing department.

The succeeding episode introduces us to billionaire playboy Xander Crews (just like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark) who dons the garb of the superhero Awesome X- who's been a little too successful at what he does, such that there are simply no more supervillains around to fight anymore.

So Killface needs more cost-effective ways to promote his schemes for global destruction, and Awesome X has to find a way to stay relevant somehow- mostly so he can keep his action figure line in business.

I've just watched the first two episodes, and from what I've seen- it's crazy funny- just the kind of cartoon I need to get a good laugh trip. It's definitely not your usual hero-versus-villain fare. It's a lot more entertaining than you might think.

Check out Frisky Dingo's official website here- they got the pilot, downloads, episode guides and lots of great Frisky goodness! And if that isn't enough, here's another site for show transcripts, fan art, more pics and so much more!

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Lost is Back! Aw Yeah...

Okay, lemme whet your appetites a bit. Here's a little teaser from

They thought they had met the enemy. They thought they had seen evil. They thought wrong. As the new season begins, the feeling that rescue is close at hand, the survivors don't know whether or not to believe Charlie's final message that the people claiming to liberate them are not who they seem to be. As unlikely alliances are formed, those they thought could be trusted may turn against them, as the enemy of their enemy becomes their friend. But who can be trusted? Is rescue really as close as it seems?

How does THAT grip your shorts? In any case, it's great to finally have some new shows on TV. So thank Bob for J.J. Abrams and his crew, the good people of ABC, and the guys behind Lost.

I got my eyes once again on the series for this season- let's hope it's a good one!


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"Heroes" Grabs Show of The Year Award

"Renzie on TV" sends out its congratulations to Heroes, for bagging this year's most coveted award on's Best of 2007!

The super-powered NBC drama rounded up 52% of the more than 10 million votes from fans, beating out Editors' Choice Lost, which only got around 2% of the vote.

Heroes also won over House (which got 4 million + votes), Friday Night Lights (54,000+ votes), Family Guy (24,000+ votes) and The Sopranos (16,000+ votes).

Here are the other winners of's Best of 2007:

  • Best New Fall Show: Pushing Daisies (Editors' Choice), beating out Aliens in America, Bionic Woman, Californication, Kid Nation and Reaper.
  • Best In Genre: Drama - Heroes FTW, over House, Lost (Editors' Choice), Dexter, Grey's Anatomy and Damages.
  • Best In Genre: Comedy - Scrubs laughs off the competition, including Editors' Choice Weeds. Also tickling fans' funnybones last year are The Office, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Best In Genre: Action/Adventure - 24 (Editors' Choice) runs off with The Best of 2007 Award, leaving CSI: Las Vegas, NCIS, Prison Break, Numb3rs and CSI: New York in the dust.
  • Best In Genre: Animation - Fans voted Avatar: The Last Airbender as the year's best cartoon, while the editors were fans of Southpark. Other must-see cartoons for the year include Metalocalypse, The Simpsons, Family Guy and Frisky Dingo.
  • Best In Genre: Reality - Editors and fans agree on this one- Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor was this year's best reality show. Also making the cut were America's Next Top Model, Survivor, The Hills, Kid Nation and Dancing With The Stars.
  • Best In Genre: Sci Fi - Editors were gunning for Battlestar Galactica, but fans handed the award to Supernatural. Geeks also loved The 4400, Stargate Atlantis, Eureka and Kyle XY.
  • Best of The Worst: The dubious honor goes to According to Jim, though editors thought it was going to be Viva Laughlin. Other bad shows that made the list were Big Shots, Hey Paula, 'Til Death and Nashville.
  • Best Guilty Pleasure: Admit it, you watch Gossip Girl too- this year's Best Guilty Pleasure. The editors admitted to Cavemen as their go-to guilty pleasure. Rounding out the competish were A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, American Idol, The Girls Next Door and Jail.
  • Hottest Actor: Surprise, surprise- it goes to Tahmoh Penikett (who plays Helo) of Battlestar Galactica. Editors thought it would be Milo Ventimiglia (of Heroes). Also nominated were Dominic Purcell of Prison Break, Zach Levi of Chuck, Sendhil Ramamurthy also of Heroes and Taye Diggs of Private Practice.

  • Hottest Actress: Editors had their eyes on newcomer Sarah Shahi of Life, but Grace Park of Battlestar Galactica is this year's hottest hottie! Other babes in the running were Hayden Panettierre of Heroes, Mary-Louise Parker of Weeds, Laura Vandervoort of Smallville and Khandi Alexander of CSI: Miami.

  • Best Episode: According to the fans, it was the series premiere of Pushing Daisies - "Pie-Lette". Editors put their money on Lost's "Looking Through The Looking Glass". Other contenders were Damages' "Because I Know Patty", Family Guy's "Blue Harvest", the unaired pilot of Babylon Fields, and The Sopranos' "Made In America"
  • Best in DVD: Fans loved The Twilight Zone: The Complete Set with 28 DVDs! Editors were rooting for BBC's Planet Earth: The Complete Collection. Also in the running were Battlestar Galactica: Season 1, The Colbert Report: Best of The Colbert Report, the Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Collection and the Family Guy Freakin' Party Pack.
My personal take: a rather good year for Heroes, but the biggest surprise for me is Pushing Daisies- gotta check that one out. Sarah Shahi is another reason for me to check out Life, and I'm totally intrigued by these two new cartoons - Adult Swim's Metalocalypse and Frisky Dingo. Man, I gotta move on past Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021 now.

Also gotta get me a copy of that 28-DVD Twilight Zone pack- now that's a lot of Twilight Zone. Other shows to possibly watch out for are Cavemen and Kid Nation- though I'm not particularly wild about that whole Kid Nation idea.

In the meantime, I got me some Gossip Girl catching up to do. Love it!


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Ay Carumba! Bart Simpson gives $10M to Scientology!

In a news article brought to our attention by the good folks of The Internet Movie Database or, actress Nancy Cartwright, the talent behind The Simpsons' Bart Simpson (and other characters in the show), has donated US$10 million to Scientology.

For Cartwright's donation to the cause, she has been awarded Scientology's Patron Laureate Award in 2007. Not only has she joined a list of celebrity benefactors which have donated greatly to The Church of Scientology, she's right there at the top, according to

She gave even more than Tom Cruise - who is reported to be the controversial religion's second-in-command - who has donated $5 million in the last four years. According to Impact magazine, Kirstie Alley gave $5 million last year and has picked up the Diamond Meritorious Award. Fellow followers John Travolta and Kelly Preston gave $1 million each and were awarded the Gold Meritorious Award, while Priscilla Presley was handed the Patron Award for a donation of $50,000.

Cartwright's donation was said to be the equivalent of almost twice her annual salary from The Simpsons. The awards were given out at a very exclusive, very private ceremony in Florida in the summer of 2007, also according to Impact Magazine.

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Just A Regular Dude Watching TV

I might be a media guy, but my field is really more into radio and marketing more than anything else. For the most part, it means that what I know about television is pretty much stuff just about anyone can know- so don't expect me to go technical or anything.

I'm just a regular dude who just happens to appreciate me some good TV.

TV has so much to offer- a show I like might not exactly appeal to your tastes and vice versa. And that's the beauty of it all- with just so much TV going on, there's definitely something for everyone out there. We even have our own guilty pleasures- and that's just all good.

Feel free to share your thoughts on whatever TV show you like (or don't like). As long as you're all mature about it, with a genuine desire to inform, educate, or just someone with an honest opinion- come, sit and let's talk about TV.

Cheers, everyone.

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