The NBC Fall Lineup 2008

Summer is right on top of us- with the last season's shows already wrapping up, and networks announcing their primetime lineups for the coming fall. Welcome to Renzie Reviews the 2008 Fall Lineup- in this post we cover NBC.

Returning Favorites on NBC

We'll be seeing new seasons of our favorites "30 Rock", "Chuck", "Heroes", "Life", "My Name Is Earl" and "The Office".

Also coming back are "Medium", "Lipstick Jungle", "Law & Order: SVU", "Law & Order", "Friday Night Lights", "ER", "Deal or No Deal", "Dateline NBC", "The Biggest Loser" and "The Apprentice".

Cancelled Shows

I was hoping they might be able to breathe new life into "Bionic Woman". Oh well- so much for that.

Axed this season were mostly game shows and competitions: "1 vs 100", "Amne$ia", "Clash of the Choirs", "My Dad is Better than Your Dad", "Phenomenon", and "The Singing Bee".

Also cancelled were "Las Vegas" and "Journeyman".

"Quarterlife" heads on over to NBC's sister cable channel Bravo.

New Shows on NBC

For new shows, there's a still-untitled spin-off of "The Office" in the pipeline, the new Christian Slater spy-drama "My Own Worst Enemy", a new Molly Shannon comedy "Kath & Kim", and the new Howie Mandell show, "Howie Do It".

Don't forget the re-imagined "Knight Rider"- though we heard it hardly has anything to do with the pilot that aired earlier this year.

Other new shows include dramas "Crusoe", "Kings", "The Listener", "Merlin", "The Philanthropist", and documentary/reality shows "America's Toughest Jobs", "The Chopping Block", "Shark Taggers", and "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Keep track of your favorite shows for the coming fall season on my continuing coverage: Renzie Reviews the 2008 Fall Lineup- our next posts will be covering ABC, FOX, CBS and The CW.

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  1. kfabulist said,

    NBC has done it again. Left the viewers bereft of anything interesting either new or old in the fall 208 lineup. They dropped the only primetime series that was any good: Las Vegas. Oh well, we still have Boston Legal, CSI, The Unit, and Dexter to fill in our lonely nights. Bye bye NBC.

    on August 3, 2008 at 12:33 PM  

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