Have You Seen The New Knight Rider?

NBC had once again revived the Knight Rider franchise. Knight Rider 2008, a made-for-tv movie/backdoor pilot, aired a couple of Sundays ago, 17 February 2008. It's a totally new storyline that ignores the earlier Knight Rider movies (one in 1991 and another in 1994), and that alternate-reality Team Knight Rider series.

This one pretty much comes from the timeline set from the old Knight Rider TV series. And without having to reveal too much, let's just say that, despite a whole new cast and a brand new car- yes, there IS still a Michael Knight connection.

The New Knight Rider

KITT- the Knight Industries Two Thousand- used to be a Black Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am that boasted a molecular bonded shell (read: bulletproof) and some serious AI (the car can talk, man!).

Our new KITT has a whole range of spiffy new enhancements and upgrades- so now it's the Knight Industries Three Thousand. I guess it's the extra 1000 that gives it that extra punch.

Instead of the Black Pontiac Firebird, the new KITT is a 2008 Ford Mustang GT500KR, but has generally the same features of the original KITT- it's black and it talks!

Check out the features of the new and improved KITT, as compiled by Wikipedia:

  • 550 horsepower solar hybrid engine
  • Sports-tuned suspension
  • Xenon headlamps with infrared night-vision
  • Metallic paint with nanotech enhanced camouflage including morphing License Plate.
  • Military satellite access
  • FBI database access
  • Self-regeneration and damage repair
  • High-speed Internet
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice-activated GPS
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard in the glove box under an accessory drawer
  • Biometric Interface to access security features.
  • Wireless headset to communicate with passengers within a limited distance.
  • Biomedical Scanner.
It is important to note that if KITT's Artificial Intelligence is offline, the self-regeneration mechanism is inactive, making it as vulnerable as an ordinary car. Part of the shutting down procedures of KITT's AI includes the release of the clutch pedal as well as a stick shift to allow manual control.
Other details from the pilot film:
  • Driving cross-country, KITT can average a speed of 191 mph (307 km/h) and travel 627 mi (1,009 km) in 3 h 17 min.
  • Although largely solar powered, KITT does use gasoline; with 91% of the energy being recycled, it averages 167 mpg (US) (1.4 l/100 km).
Instead of the famous communicator watch, KITT communicates with its operators via a wireless headset, and can access wireless phone networks. Since KITT can tie into numerous computer systems, it is able to emulate many of the functions of the watch, such as unlocking doors.

KITT is voiced this time by actor Val Kilmer.

Is The New Knight Rider Going To Be A Whole New Series?

No word yet, as far as I can tell. The Knight Rider made-for-TV movie that aired was really a backdoor pilot- which means that, depending on how it was received by the audience, and on its commercial viability- a network can then choose to pick it up for a regular season, or just dump it in the TV Recycle Bin altogether.

Knight Rider 2008 did get considerably high ratings: According to Wikipedia, Nielson tracked 10.0 million viewers watching NBC with 4.0/10 households tuning in. The show was received poorly by critics, but despite the less-than-positive reviews, NBC captured first place within the 18-49 demographic. The movie averaged a viewership of 12.8 million viewers.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what NBC has to say about it.

More later. Cheers, everyone!



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